Electret Products


TransWeb’s T-Flo electret nonwoven web, formed using fibrillated polypropylene fibers, offers a virtually permanent electrostatic charge, a customizable pore structure, and high resistance to discharge from outside elements (humidity, temperature, etc.). This combination of properties allows consistent performance over the expected life of your product and essentially no degradation during storage.


T-Melt media is a meltblown nonwoven that can be based on a number of polymers (PP, PET, Nylon, PBT). In addition to the inherent characteristics of the meltblown, TransWeb can apply its proprietary N-Fuse Technology to impart a high-density electrostatic charge to PP and PET meltblown nonwovens. Other treatments such as antimicrobial or antistatic are also available.


Layers of T-Flo, T-Melt and other media can be combined in order to create unique products. Laminated using hot-melt adhesive spray technology has minimal adverse effect of air flow and efficiency when used in filtration technology. T-Lam products can also be made using Ultrasonic bonding technology with collation unto 10 layers for hot- melt free products.


Initially developed for the filtration market, T-Flo and T-Melt products can also be used in other applications where a static charged web is desired.

For filtration, T-Melt is usually used in high efficiency mini-pleated filters and respirators, whereas T-flo is used for lower efficiency,low pressure drop wire backed pleated or bag filters. Filters from T-flo have a very high dust holding capacity.

Benefits for filtration:
  • High efficiency at low pressure drop
  • High particle retention
  • Maintain performance in humid and oily conditions
  • Resistance to discharge (such as EN-779 protocol)
  • Ability to tailor efficiency levels

Existing products have been developed for respirators, home air purifiers, and other air filtration applications. TransWeb can customize performance with a balance of efficiency, pressure drop, and dust holding capacity based on your specific needs.

The properties of T-Flo and T-Melt are also applicable to a variety of end uses where attraction or repellency of particles is a desired feature.

Select an example below:
T-Flo products are available in:

25 gsm to 100 gsm basis weights, in widths up to 49” (125 cm.)

T-Melt products are available in:

2.5 gsm to 100 gsm basis weights in widths up to 40” (100 cm.).
T-Melt products lighter than 10 gsm are normally put on a scrim for strength and processability.

Download Example Data Sheets:
All products are custom designed. Data sheets below are examples of products in air filtration.
Grade A
Grade X
N99 Respirator
H13 Pleatable Media
N95 Respirator